How many of us look forward to Monday? Okay, I think nobody. But, I’m sure everyone one of us will be waiting for it to be Friday. The reason? we all know.  Things will change if we enjoy work rather considering it something that we need to lead our life.
Work-life balance is an important aspect. If we don’t enjoy what we do, we wont be able to give our best. As Hillary Clinton rightly said,”Don’t confuse having a career with having a life “

To make us live our life to the fullest even while having a career is something we need to work on. What we do on our weekends, how we spend our holidays, have a great impact on our liking towards our careers.


Move your Body!! I know this is something that everyone knows and have heard about it so many times. Think now, when was the last you did any fitness regime or yoga or for that matter any indoor or outdoor activity. If you have, then you are already on the path and make sure you keep going. If not, now is the time and there is no avoiding it.

Being active and fit is as important as being up-to-date with your work line. It boosts up your confidence, creativity and of course you will be healthy and fit. Take time and create a fitness regime that works for you and consistency matters.

Get close with nature

We are most of the times surrounded by four walls and we hardly spend time with nature. Make it a practice to spend more time with nature. Take a walk in a park, spend as much of your weekends as you can out in nature, plan a picnic or just rent a cottage in the middle of the forest and stay there for a day, you will notice the difference.
People who spend more time with nature don’t feel stressed. They sleep well, are more productive at job and feel a lot happier and energized.

You can have a quality time enjoying the nature away from the busy life with friends and family. Try it once and you will fall in love with it. I am sure you would want to connect more with nature.

Invest in yourself

This is the most rewarding investment you can make. Take some time and do the things that you would enjoy doing. Take up all your forgotten hobbies, don’t think about anyone judging you for scribbling random things on paper. It’s worse when you judge yourself and don’t allow the artist within you to be set free. If you love travelling, take a vacation.
Catch up with your school friends, your college mates and try to recreate the life you miss. And last but not the least, if you have not found out your passion yet, find one. Thanks us later.


Let’s unplug life from all the gadgets. This is Tech-free time. Sounds not doable and absolutely not practical right? Try a day with no access to devices, no wifi, no social media, no TV and see how it feels. These gadgets have taken so much of our time and creativity that it’s the right time to unplug for at least an hour everyday.
It has become more common and many people including the famous ones are unplugging and you would be surprised to know there is now a National Unplug Day.
Technology is powerful and miraculous but unplugged time is important too. It will help you connect with yourself and think of something new and different.

After you make these changes in your life, don’t forget to share your stories with us. Make your lives happier and invest in yourself.